Ya got two important things in life -- how you go in, and how you go out -- the rest takes care of itself.

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i’ll be over here for a bit


You should come watch it with me.

[ slides onto the couch and wraps his arm around him. ] Mm, can’t promise I’ll be too attentive.


I’ll come to bed in a minute. I gotta see how this episode ends.

Kay. Hurry up.


He did say for you to check in when you woke up. [ hums some. ] You feeling better?

Will do, then. [ nods. ] Yeah, got plenty of rest.


Much better. I marathoned Law & Order while you slept. [ smiles and nods towards the kitchen. ] Salaak dropped by when you were asleep. He left some food for breakfast. The leftovers are in the fridge.

Really? [ raises an eyebrow. Well, he did just kind of abruptly pass out on Salaak, so that must’ve been pretty worrying. ] Hell yeah. I’ll have t’ thank him later.

Hey. [ kisses softly on the cheek. ] Seein’ better today?


[ she curls up at his side and hands him the remote beside her. ]

Wanna watch something? I think the game might be on. 

Sure, kiddo. [ strokes his fingers through her hair with one hand, changing the channel with the other. ]




It would be wise if you advised your children to leave me be.

You leave my kids alone an’ they’ll leave you be.


screaming loudly in your direction

snuggles with his daughter and rests. ]